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VIP Team 

These Individuals dedicated themselves to fighting this terrible crime. They possess a great deal of passion, and compassion towards the victims of human trafficking. They are dedicated to spreading awareness, educating others, and providing support to those who have been affected by this issue. They are often seen as VIPs in the fight against human trafficking, as their work plays a vital role in stopping this terrible practice. They are individuals who have a strong sense of justice and respect for human rights and are willing to take a stand against human trafficking. They are respected for their tireless efforts to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this issue.

Tier 1 Family

Individuals in Tier 1 are the frontline activists and advocates who actively raise awareness about human trafficking and its devastating impact on victims. They are passionate and vocal about the issue, using various platforms such as social media, public events, and community gatherings to spread the message. Tier 1 voices engage in direct outreach, connecting with survivors, and collaborating with organizations to combat trafficking. Their dedication and hands-on approach make them influential change-makers in the fight against this crime.


Derric Hicks



Vince & Beth Wilson


Paul & Christina_edited.png

Paul & Christina


Tier 2 Family

In Tier 2, we find individuals who possess expertise and knowledge in the field of human trafficking. They may include researchers, academics, and professionals in related disciplines like law, social work, or psychology. These voices work diligently to study trafficking trends, patterns, and root causes. They contribute to shaping policies, developing prevention strategies, and improving support systems for survivors. While their work may not always be as visible as Tier 1 activists, their invaluable contributions lay the foundation for a more comprehensive and effective response to human trafficking.


Gary & Martha

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Tier 3 Family

Tier 3 consists of influential figures such as policymakers, government officials, and celebrities who leverage their positions and platforms to amplify the fight against human trafficking. These voices use their visibility to shed light on the issue, mobilize resources, and drive public engagement. They advocate for stronger legislation, funding for anti-trafficking initiatives, and international cooperation to combat trafficking globally. While their impact can be significant, they often rely on the efforts of Tier 1 and Tier 2 individuals to provide them with accurate information and ground-level insights.

Tier 4 Family

Tier 4 represents a crucial aspect of the fight against human trafficking, focusing on the support provided by dedicated organizations and institutions. These entities play a pivotal role in coordinating efforts, providing resources, and ensuring a sustained and impactful response to combat trafficking.

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